Services Offered

We offer a standard package and then some extras at additional costs.

All prices are in South African Rands.

Standard Transfer Package - R200 per tape.


         1.5 to 2 hours (depending on the quality of the tape) of direct transferred footage from VHS tapes. (Depending on the video quality - Lower quality 2 hours per DVD - high Quality 1 - 1:30 hours per DVD), although the quality cannot be made better. It is transferred as is on the tape (i.e. jumping, distorted colour / sound, etc)

         3 or 4 hour tapes will be split them onto 2 DVDs.

         Minor editing, such as removing unwanted TV recordings, etc.

         Standard menu with 3 - 5 minutes between chapters

         Standard Media Memories DVD case insert with your DVD title.


Standard DVD   Standard Cover



Combining Short Tapes on one DVD - R200 per DVD.


         Combine short video recordings up to 2 hours onto one DVD.


Transfer of Records / LPs R80 per Record


         Includes the title printed on the CD.


Transfer of Audio cassettes R50 per Cassette


         Includes the title printed on the CD.


Scanning Photographs and slides into digital format R2.50 per Photo / Slide or R50 if less than 20.

         Scanned images will be copied onto a CD.


Scanning Photographs and slides and creating a DVD slide show R200 + R2.50 per Photo / Slide

         Scanned images will be complied into a slideshow with fade in / out transitions.

         Pictures will display for 3 seconds each.

         Music of your choice will be added to the slideshow.

         Scanned images will be copied onto a CD if required



Optional Extras

  • Custom DVD case insert (Pictures of your choice)

Printed Cover 2

Printed DVD 1



  • Custom DVD Printing (Pictures of your choice)

printed DVD 1printed DVD 2




  • Editing (cutting unwanted scenes, adding fading / fade out and other transition effects, etc)

R100 per hour

  • Duplicates

R50 per copy



This is a part time operation. Work on your DVDs will be done in the evenings and on weekends.