Standard Terms and Conditions

(Please read carefully)

  1. I have checked and confirm that the video/s I supply are be in reasonable condition and playable. I understand that conversion will maintain current quality, it cannot improve it. Any faults or problems on my tape will be transferred to the DVD. I have confirmed the runtime of the tape and that it does not exceed my chosen option.
  2. I understand that all possible care is taken with my videos but that “Media Memories” accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss of those videos while in care of “Media Memories”.
  3. I understand copyright law and state that I have full and legal authority to authorize the duplication of this video tape.
  4. The transfer service provided is a simple one-to-one copy and does not include precise starting, stopping and or editing of the video content. However “Media Memories” will do its best with the material supplied.
  5. I understand that the video quality, (SP, LP & EP), of each option varies and will accept the quality of my choice.
  6. DVD-R format DVDs are compatible with most but NOT guaranteed to operate in ALL DVD players. There are no refunds if your DVD Player is unable to play back the DVD-R disk.


  1. I undestand that these types of old VHS recordings were taped for the older lower resolution tube TVs, so if playing them on a High Definition flat screen the picture may look more fuzzy / blurry than normal.
  2. I understand and accept that once I have had possession of the DVD transfer of my tape for 7 days that “Media Memories” is no longer responsible for it in any way.